Chris Sales in 1-Month Only.

Chris started working with AIDIENS on 4th May 2021 & these are the results she is able to achieve so far. We are continuously supporting him in his business. He calls us daily almost twice in a day. Aidiens provides the Whatsapp support to help him continue his success in the dropshipping business.

Brianna Sales In 1-Day

Brianna got these sales in just 1 day of opening her store with Aidiens. We have created a store for her as well as helped her in marketing the products on different social media channels. Making these figures in one day is not an easy task but Aidiens can help you in getting bigger numbers.

Angelica Sales In 1-Month

Angelica started working with DROPISTRY (parent company of Aidiens), in the year 2021. In just one month she was able to make 5K in sales. She stands at 100K with her dropshipping business now. Aidiens support is consistent and Angelica is on a road to have $1m in sales in 2022. Profit Margin is 30-40%. Angelica has made a profit of $39,000 this month.

Step 1: Place Your Order!

Once you place your order and submit your site details, our team will start working on your store immediately.

Step 2: Store Design!

Our experts analyze the market trends and start making the store that will sell well and make good profits for you.

Step 3: Receive Branded Store!

Within 24 hours, you will receive your completed store!. You’ll receive your branded store with products and ready to start making sales!

Step 4: Start Selling!

You’re now ready to start selling your products. You’ll have customer support if you have any questions to answer! We’ve got your back!

Having an opportunity to start selling in 24 Hours is the joy of its own kind. Aidiens can help you accomplish your dream.  The Value we provide is more than $10,000 but you can get it for just $14.5.


I have been working with Aidiens since 2020. It's my 12th Shopify Dropshipping store with them & these guys never Fail to surprise me with greater revenue every time.
Elika Jones
Aidiens is working with us on our multiple projects since January 2021. So far the experience is excellent. Work Quality is amazing!
Mark Tylor
I have ordered my first store with Aidiens few months back. I am able to generate almost 600K in period of 4-Months. I had ordered two more stores with 9 designers including marketing package & so far they are also generating great results.
Kyle Foster


No, we only charge a one time payment to create your store. If you wish to continue using Shopify after 14 days you will need to pay for a shopify plan directly with shopify. Prices for their plans can be seen here

Yes. You can simply add your own domain once you have your store in the shopify dashboard. You can either buy your own custom domain or buy one directly through shopify.

Yes! But you have to contact us about it at

We provide templates for Terms and Conditions for your store. You can change or customize it after you have received your store.

Yes you can add as many products as you want once you have your store.

Yes! You can add any number of products on your store.

Yes, You can contact us about it.

We will send you an email. We supply all customers with a handbook that covers some of the basic steps to launching.

Shopify Partners.

Get It within 12 Hours.

Aidiens will design your logo, add products and set up your entire branded dropshipping store as low as $14.5 Actual Value is $10,000

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Aidiens was founded in the year of 2015. At that time Dropshipping was just starting and many people had little to NO knowledge of its high prospects. Aidiens parent company AlAsar LLC is involved in online trading since 2012. With all that experience, AlAsar LLC decided to launch to help people who are newbies in this online commerce world. Since then Aidiens has helped more than 5000 people to launch their own Dropshipping stores or Brands. Aidiens owns more than 100 stores for itself and generated near to billion dollars through ecommerce. We can help you set up your own dropshipping store and we can enable you to make a passive income each month. Contact us at +1(914)9028372 or