Droperts Guarantees high-quality service for their investors. Droperts is a platform where you can invest to get your Shopify Dropshipping Store, get help in marketing your store as well as management of your store.

Droperts Guarantees Terms:

We ensure the following for our investors.

1) Droperts Guarantees that if you don’t like your store design or the products. We will immediately change the design and products according to your instructions (No Extra Charges)

2) We won’t charge you anything extra as a monthly fee. Other than, a one-time service fee.

3) We will change the store design and change the products at no extra cost. If your store fails to become successful. We will change the products as many time as you want us to change.

4) We will only use the products that have a success record at Droperts. We will only use the winning products in your store as per the suggestion of our Product Research & Development team.

5) We will keep on working for you until your store becomes successful.

6) If your store has an issue and you point it out via an email at support@droperts.com and if our team fails to rectify it within 2 business days. You are entitled to a 100% Refund within 30 days of your purchase with us.